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Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber

Tenney Environmental offers a line of compact benchtop humidity and temperature test chambers that provide a small footprint and maximize workspace. These benchtop environmental chambers range from 1 to 5 cubic feet making them ideal for laboratories. In addition to laboratory applications, benchtop test chambers are commonly used for electronic, military, and pharmaceutical quality assurance and reliability testing, along with research testing and production processes. Even though Tenney benchtop environmental testing chambers take up minimal space they offer well sized interiors for product testing.

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Tenney Benchmaster Test Chamber

Tenney Benchmaster Test Chamber

The Tenney Benchmaster temperature and humidity test chamber simulates a wide range of temperature or combined temperature and humidity conditions making it ideal for a variety of testing needs. The Benchmaster environmental chamber also features a one horsepower cascade refrigeration and two-kilowatt heating system that provides optimal cooling and heating performance. The five cubic foot internal workspace has the versatility to accommodate both small and large size test material. In keeping with the needs of today's lab environments, the Tenney Benchmaster climatic chamber design incorporates a compact exterior that maximizes the interior workspace.
Tenney Junior Test Chamber

Tenney Junior Compact Temperature Test Chambers

The Tenney Junior temperature test chambers have been in the market for over 50 years. They are well suited for use in electronic, military, and pharmaceutical quality assurance and reliability testing, along with research testing and production processes. In keeping with the needs of today's lab, we specifically designed these benchtop and floor chambers to have a compact exterior yet an ample interior workspace to maximize valuable floor space.

Chamber Size: 1.2 cubic feet
Key Specifications

Temperature Range: -68°C to +180°C
Control: +/-1.0°C