Battery Test Chambers

Tenney Environmental manufactures a line of battery test chambers that are well-suited for the automotive, computer, defense, and energy industries. Our offering includes our industry-recognized SafeTest™ battery test chamber, as well as walk-in and reach-in configurations. Whether you are testing lithium batteries or an electric car battery, we have something that will meet your specific testing requirements.

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Tenney Test Chamber

Tenney Walk-In Battery Test Chamber

Tenney Environmental designs and manufactures walk-in battery test chambers in a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions. These chambers are used to safely and reliably test batteries in automobiles, mobile devices, computers, telecommunications, and more. Tenney Environmental test chambers meet the highest industry standards for accuracy and performance.
Tenney Battery Test Chamber

Tenney SafeTest™ Battery Test Chamber

The Tenney SafeTest™ systems offers a comprehensive line of standard and optional test chamber safety features that can be customized to fit your company’s battery-testing needs. Tenney battery test chambers are used in the automotive, computer, telecommunications, defense, and alternative-energy industries.