Water Quality Analysis & Treatment

The quality of the facility water used in your Steam Generator is crucial to the longevity of your equipment. Water quality that does not fall within the accepted parameters can cause premature failure and even corrosive destruction of your equipment. To combat this, Tenney offers a water quality analysis that will help to determine what kind of water you have. Just simply order our testing kit and we will ship you a sterile bottle, instructions, and a return label to your company. Upon receipt of your sample, one of the qualified Service Coordinators at Tenney will be available to discuss and review your water quality analysis with you to answer any questions that you may have, and offer any suggestions to correct any abnormalities. Tenney will issue a $200 credit towards the purchase of any suggested water treatment solution from the Tenney water test kit results.

Once you send in your water sample, Tenney will test it for the following extensive range of common chemical parameters and send a detailed report to you with suggested solutions if needed.

• TDS – Amount of dissolved minerals in the water. This is what is left behind after the water is heated. This build up can result in accelerated component failure. If the water is too pure it can be corrosive to the chamber’s steam generator and internal surfaces.

• Chlorides – Chlorine in the water. In elevated concentrations, these can attack the heater element in your steam generator. Discovery of attacking elements that when mixed with Oxygen cause a reaction is carbonic acid which lower PH levels and attack metal surfaces.

• pH – Acid determination when discovered normally attacks certain metal surfaces.

NOTE: The kit will include a sterile water bottle (for the customer to fill with their incoming facility water) and a return label to send it back to TPS.