Environmental Chamber Retrofits

Do you have a piece of equipment that has served reliably for years, but the process has changed? Tenney offers upgrades and environmental chamber retrofits to all of our equipment. Frequently, the cost of upgrading the equipment with modern controls and systems is far less than the cost of purchasing and installing a new unit.

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Offered Retrofits and Upgrades:

Refrigerant Modifications - Environmentally safe refrigerants in compliance with the Clean Air Act and the Montreal Protocol are available. Our technicians are trained in the use of the many refrigerants available to replace the old ozone depleting refrigerants.

Instrument Upgrades - Control upgrades from all older units, including Microtenn, Digitenn, and Versatenn, to the newer Versatenn IV and the Award winning, Versatenn V control featured on our Home page. Control upgrades can reduce programming and operator interface time by utilizing state of the art communications features designed into most Tenney Controls.

Equipment Upgrade - Existing equipment can be modified to meet specifications that were not required when the chamber was purchased, i.e. Ln2, humidity upgrades, dry air purge, additional ports, etc. Our Customer Support and Engineering staff can prepare a quotation to fit your equipment needs.