DataSenseIt’s no secret that industrial equipment deteriorates over time. Without a preventive maintenance program in place to keep the components of your system at peak performance, they may fail and lead to unplanned maintenance issues. Tenney’s partnership with DataSense Technologies allows you to track the performance of your environmental chamber with predictive maintenance sensors from anywhere.

The DataSense Performance Monitoring System uses IoT (Internet of Things) technology to collect information from predictive maintenance sensors that track the performance and health of a variety of components in your environmental chamber. It then wirelessly transmits the data to a cloud platform. From there it can be displayed on dashboards designed for easy viewing and monitoring. 

With the DataSense Performance Monitoring System, you can predict potential failure, reduce downtime, plan maintenance, diagnose remotely, and increase productivity and profitability. This system is available on new and most existing Tenney chamber models. 

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Benefits of Performance Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance Sensors

Using an IoT gateway with a DataSense Service Plan*, this system collects information from predictive maintenance sensors to track the performance and health of a variety of components and conditions in your environmental chamber. The gateway wirelessly transmits data to a cloud platform where it can be displayed in dashboards. Thresholds can be set around warning or alarm conditions to notify the Tenney service team.

  • Predict Potential Failure - Predict component failures and take preventative measures prior to the failure occurring
  • Reduce Downtime - Through continuous monitoring of the chamber operation, component failures can be diagnosed and corrected quickly
  • Plan Maintenance - Preempts chamber failures so maintenance downtime can be scheduled 
  • Diagnose Remotely - Diagnose chamber problems quickly without waiting for a service technician to be scheduled 
  • Increase Productivity & Profitability - Minimize unplanned downtime to maximize the productivity of the chamber and increase profitability 

DataSense Features

  • Industrial grade predictive maintenance sensors are pre-wired and tested prior to shipment.
  • Cellular technology connects automatically upon chamber power-up, with no monthly cellular fees.
  • Continuous monitoring (if the service plan is purchased) – DataSense constantly monitors the system and notifies Tenney when anomalies are detected, and can directly notify the customer
  • Dashboards are used to display the data being collected, as well as any alarm conditions – Accessible via an internet browser – Available to the customer if they purchase the service plan.
  • Data storage - After being collected, the data points are accumulated and stored for analysis at any time via the dashboard. Alerts, wherever- With text and email alerts, you can receive real-time information about your oven immediately.

What is Monitored?

The DataSense Technologies™ system continuously records important data points to make sure your equipment is running at peak performance levels.

  • Current
  • PID Output
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Vibration
  • Ambient Conditions

Installation Options

Talk to us about how to incorporate our system into your environmental chamber.

  • Incorporated into new equipment
  • Merged into existing equipment
  • Temporary machine “Wearables”
  • One, or many predictive maintenance sensors

Equipment Retrofits

Retrofit packages are available for Tenney and non-Tenney equipment.

System Security

  • The DataSense system only collects data, and cannot affect the chamber operation, nor turn the chamber off or on. In the unlikely event of a failure of the DataSense system, the chamber will remain operational.
  • DataSense does not connect to the customer’s network, nor have access to it
  • DataSense uses encryption technology, and is just as secure as emails and text

*DataSense Service Plan Monthly Subscription Includes:

  • Data monitoring 
  • Alarm services 
  • Customized dashboard access 
  • Virtual health checks