Environmental Chamber Services

As a division of Thermal Product Solutions, (TPS), Tenney Environmental is able to provide a full range of aftermarket chamber services and parts. All aftermarket environment chamber testing services are performed by TPS factory trained technicians. Available services include start-up and training, equipment installation options, preventive maintenance, temperature uniformity, GAMP documentation, instrument calibrations, water quality analysis, rental units, retrofits and refurbishment of equipment.

Aftermarket Services Catalog

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Replacement Parts

As a division of Thermal Product Solutions (TPS), Tenney is able to offer replacement and spare parts as well as maintenance kits and accessories for every piece of equipment we manufacture.

MAX Aftermarket

As a division of Thermal Product Solutions (TPS), Tenney is proud to offer the TPS MAX Program!

Eliminate the RED tape and get your equipment back into operation with the TPS MAX Program! 
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Do you have a piece of equipment that has served reliably for years, but the process has changed? Tenney offers upgrades and retrofits to all of our equipment. Frequently, the cost of upgrading the equipment with modern controls and systems is far less than the cost of purchasing and installing a new unit.
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Tenney Environmental rounds out our total service packages with the ability to provide complete Validation Service to qualify your equipment.
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Tenney Environmental rounds out our total service packages with the ability to provide complete Calibration Service to include NIST Calibration Certificates and ISO17025 Accreditations from A2LA.
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Preventive Maintenance

Your equipment can only be of value to you if it is operating properly. Tenney offers Preventive Maintenance programs to assure that your equipment will be ready when you need it.
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Installation Services

Precise installation and comprehensive training of your staff are key to ensuring that your equipment operates properly. Tenney Environmental, a division of Thermal Product Solutions, offers a variety of installation and training options to ensure your equipment has a long productive life.
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Water Filtration

The determining factor in identifying the condition of the customer’s water supply is testing it for Total Dissolved Solids. TDS encompasses the numerous elements, including silica, which fouls humidifiers. Test the water to determine the TDS amount and refer to the attached chart for the corresponding recommendation.


The DataSense Performance Monitoring System uses IoT (Internet of Things) technology to collect information from predictive maintenance sensors that track the performance and health of a variety of components on your environmental chamber. It then wirelessly transmits the data to a cloud platform. From there it can be displayed on dashboards designed for easy viewing and monitoring.