Tenney/Lunaire - 2018 Year In Review

Posted: Dec 27, 2018

Tenney/Lunaire Environmental had another fantastic year of growth in 2018. In 2018, Tenney/Lunaire increased market share in all industries, including aerospace, R&D, automotive, agriculture, consumer products, laboratory, technical, and many more. The expanded floor space that was assigned to Tenney/Lunaire back in 2017 was proven necessary, having another year of record equipment shipments in 2018.

Tenney/Lunaire equipment sales in 2018 included both standard and custom environmental-testing chambers and rooms designed for temperature, humidity, altitude, vibration, steady state, and vacuum-testing requirements along with space chambers and thermal shock chambers. The most significant market share increase they’ve seen has been in the aerospace industry with their custom space chambers that simulate the environments of space. As they round the year off, the Tenney/Lunaire team is looking forward to an exciting 2019 and gearing up for continued growth in the industries they serve.

“The Tenney/Lunaire Environmental Group has seen continued growth in 2018. We have invested in all areas of our business, focusing on engineering and the aftermarket departments. We have continued to increase market share in all industries, especially the Space Industry while also focusing on product development as it relates to Walk-In and Thermal Shock Chambers.” – Dave Strand, President & CEO, TPS