Tenney Environmental Ships Fast Change Rate Test Chamber to Automotive Industry

Posted: Apr 24, 2018

Tenney Environmental, a global manufacturer of environmental testing equipment, announced the shipment of three (3) Tenney Environmental Fast Change Rate Automotive Test Chambers. These test chambers will be used for temperature and humidity testing of automotive parts.

The maximum temperature rating of the automotive test chambers is 180°C and the operating temperature range is -68°C to 180°C. The work chamber dimensions are 30” W X 28.8” D X 36” H. The fast change rate test chambers can transition the air temperature in remote chambers from 20°C to -40°C with a 30-minute transition rate.

The automotive test chambers utilize a continuously welded type-304 stainless steel interior with structural reinforcement used at all critical points. A combination of fiberglass and polyurethane insulation surround the chambers to maximize insulating characteristics, thus ensuring minimal thermal transfer. The automotive test chambers also feature a CSA blower for conditioning in remote cabinets which is an engineered to order option that the customer requested for this project.

The mechanical refrigeration of these temperature and humidity test chambers is of the cascade type utilizing two 6.0 horsepower, scroll compressors. The refrigerants used are R507 and R23 with water-cooled condenser systems. Special circuiting is provided to minimize pressure drop and maintain proper internal tube velocity for maximum heat transfer efficiency. The temperature and humidity chambers have a relative humidity range of 10% to 95% (limited by a +4°C dew point). The humidifiers shall be the electrically heated vapor generator type, vented to operate at atmospheric pressure and provide water vapor to the environmental room, equipped with a fail-safe thermostat.

“These fast change rate test chambers are capable of quick transition rates at 5 to 15°C per minute. The fast transition rates are ideal for temperature and humidity testing of parts used in the automotive industry.” ~ Mark Hanna, Regional Sales Manager

Unique features of these fast change rate test chambers include:

  • VersaTenn V Quattro touch screen control system that provides total programming capabilities
  • RS-232 serial communications
  • Solid stainless steel partial shelf
  • TempGard IV Over/Under Temperature Protection System
  • UL-508 approved panel
  • UUT Module
  • Cascade type mechanical refrigeration system