Environmental Testing Industries

Tenney Environmental designs and manufactures a broad range of custom and standard test chambers and rooms for a multitude of industries including aerospace, cosmetics, energy, education, and more. Many of the industries we serve require specific temperature uniformity and equipment performance documentation. Our experienced design team is able to meet even the most stringent standards for our customers’ equipment.


The aerospace industry is constantly changing. Each aircraft must be able to withstand high altitudes while also being safe, efficient, and reliable. Tenney Environmental’s top-notch altitude and vacuum chambers can mimic conditions up to 200,000 feet. Tenney’s team can customize equipment to fit the precise needs of the aerospace industry.


The agriculture industry relies heavily on the environment in order to be prosperous. Crops can become limited due to sudden environmental changes, resulting in disaster if unprepared. Environmental testing chambers are used to expose certain pieces of equipment to a range of temperature and humidity conditions that the equipment will face during consumer use.


The list of components that make up the cars and trucks we drive today seems endless. From the tires on the wheels to the steering columns, all parts of a car are tested for both durability and reliability. Since vehicles are driven in many different environmental conditions, it's imperative for all possibilities to be tested prior to consumer use. Tenney and Lunaire manufacture testing equipment for the automotive industry.


The battery industry is vast and consists of batteries and storage batteries for several different uses. Consumer use, automotive batteries, and industrial use are the most common. Tenney Environmental manufactures equipment for the battery industry.


Biology and life sciences examine various forms of living organisms such as plants, animals, and humans. This industry is so vast, it is imperative to have proper testing equipment. Tenney and Lunaire supplies the biology and life sciences industry with climatic chambers, environmental walk in rooms, and steady state test chambers that are used for accelerating the aging process, drying, and controlled-temperature testing.


Biotechnology is a growing industry that utilizes environmental testing for new products. Being a broad field, biotechnology encompasses the study of living organisms to develop and enhance technological applications used in the biology field. The lab-based development and production used in the biotechnology industry requires testing to ensure product reliability.


In an industry that creates products that are applied directly to the skin, safety is imperative. Adequate testing of consumer products is required to ensure not only product consistency, but also safety for the consumer. Steady state chambers and rooms and vacuum chambers and ovens manufactured by Tenney and Lunaire are designed to test commercial consumer products for various factors that can affect the reliability of the product.


There has been an increased need for safe and extremely reliable equipment in the defense industry. Tenney Environmental thermal testing chambers and atmospheric simulators can meet even the strictest requirements for the military and defense industry.


In the study of varying laboratory sciences like medicine and biology, education departments are now requiring more hands-on experience to the study and research components of science. To accurately research and test hypotheses, integration of testing equipment in universities has become more prominent lately. Tenney and Lunaire offer a wide variety of testing chambers for research and development studies in educational institutions.


Commonly prone to over-heating, electronic based products need to be properly tested for temperature durability. Entering the digital era, it is important, now more than ever, to have safe, reliable electronics. Knowing the limits a product may have due to temperature will allow the manufacturer to adjust the products design or apply necessary warning labels on the product for proper use and storage conditions.


With 10 main sources of alternative energy available, environmental conditioning is becoming more and more necessary to determine if certain sources of energy can be utilized to generate power. Included in the energy industry are solar, wind, wave, coal, and more.


The government is responsible for the development and production of military equipment to provide protection and security for our country. Tenney and Lunaire provide quality products that meet military standards, including temperature and humidity testing chambers, vacuum chambers and ovens, and environmental testing chambers and rooms.


Climate chambers and environmental testing chambers are designed to be artificial, controlled spaces to simulate conditions and stressors an object will be put through in its productive lifetime. Tenney and Lunaire offer multiple options for testing chambers and steady state chambers to test product stability and predict the potential lifespan of the product.


With products ranging from syringes to pace makers, the medical industry needs to know the limits of temperature, use, and storage. Certain environmental factors could negate the intended effects and reliability of a product and, in the medical world, having reliable products and equipment is crucial. Tenney is able to customize equipment to fit the needs of the medical industry.
Plastic packaging used in the pharmaceutical industry


Proper packaging methods are utilized by almost every market for production to consumer transport. Based on supply chain trends, the demand for industrial packaging has grown and will continue to propel forward due to new packaging standards set for the transportation of goods internationally.


Nothing lasts forever, even the aspirin in your bathroom cabinet. Shelf life is the time period in which a drug is effective and safe for consumption under correct conditions. A products shelf-life begins the day it is manufactured and then continues through the products expiration date.

Rubbers and Plastics

When manufacturing any rubber or plastic based product, it is crucial to test that it can withstand prolonged use by the consumer or for its purpose. Testing for rubber and plastic products, such as plastic containers or rubber tires on your car, requires environmental testing chambers or temperature and humidity testing chambers.


With the properties of both a conductor and an insulator, a semiconductor is commonly found in most electronic devices, mainly software chips and batteries. Tenney and Lunaire offer temperature and humidity testing chambers that aid in determining reliability of the product based on rigorous conditions it may be prone to due to temperature conditions.


The telecom industry relies on various types of software components for routing and switching services to provide key communication networking and devices. Software and panels need to meet temperature requirements so they don’t overheat. Tenney and Lunaire have a variety of testing chambers that can determine accurate conditioning of products and devices.

Test and Measurement

The test and measurement industry is vital for every product, from cars to electronics, because it ensures that the product will function under the stress of physical and environmental conditions and years of heavy use. Accurate testing is necessary to avoid error in product structure and reliability the client and consumer can count on.


Textiles consist of different fibres arranged in multiple fashions to create the intended durability, strength, appearance, and texture of the fabric. Fibres include natural, plant, animal, man-made, and synthetic. To ensure reliability of textile-based products over time, Tenney and Lunaire manufacture steady state chambers and rooms, designed for testing accelerated aging, burn in, and controlled temperature storage