Tenney Environmental Walk-In Chambers

Posted: Jan 22, 2016 | Categories: Testing

To say that automotive, electronics, aerospace, and defense components need to be tested as thoroughly as possible before they reach the end user is something of an understatement. For a product to prove its worth, it cannot just work well on paper - a technical specifications sheet can only carry you so far. Testing in various real-world environments is a necessity before bringing a product to market. This testing may include extreme temperature ranges or varying levels of humidity.

The environmental walk-in chambers from Tenney are designed to simulate the harsh realities of product use in a wide range of environments. Each chamber is designed to provide simulations of possible environmental conditions, representing locations like the home, a factory setting, field environments and more. This technology makes it possible to accurately and completely test products to not only meet general customer expectations, but also to improve the general robustness of a product, increase what it is capable of, and significantly reduce warranty costs at the same time.

Tenney is the oldest manufacturer of environmental walk-in rooms in the USA, and have eleven (11) standard size offerings for companies to choose from. Rooms range from 316 to 1,583 cubic feet of actionable work space. Many refrigeration horsepower capacity configurations are available in both single stage and cascade systems that allow product testing down to -73° C. Humidity control can be added to standard systems as needed. Tenney can also provide custom environmental walk-in rooms that are specifically tailored to the needs of the customer’s application. 

The Tenney environmental walk-in chambers are designed to be used for steady-state, shelf-life, thermal-cycling, stability, temperature testing, humidity testing and nearly any other testing application that you can think of. Every environmental walk-in room also comes with a Thermal Product Solutions Smart 1.0 Controller with a 7-inch screen, offering the type of high resolution, touch-screen interface that you can depend on for maximum control, and superior usability at all times. The controller itself has a 400 MHz CPU, four gigabytes of flash storage, individual PID control loops for the most precise process control. The controller also offers remote access using a smartphone, tablet, laptop computer and more - extending what you are capable of doing and where you are capable of doing it from.

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