Part 2: Types of Testing in the Packaging Industry

Posted: Jun 26, 2017 | Categories: Testing

Testing can help the packaging industry avoid costly financial, environmental, and brand reputation penalties associated with packaging. Package testing ensures that packaging can stand up to vibrations and the extreme variances in temperature and humidity associated with shipping.

Several tests exist for the packaging industry. D 4169 is the standard practice for performance testing, as it helps predict the performance of new or redesigned packages when distributed by any mode of transport. ISTA 3A simulates individual packaged products’ shipment through a parcel delivery system. ISTA 7D tests thermal performance by evaluating the effects of external temperature exposure and analyzing packaged products with and without temperature stabilizers or external temperature-controlled packaging.

Equipment that is used for this kind of testing include the BlueM Friction-Aire Safety Oven. These ovens provide a controlled heat source without heating elements which eliminates atmospheric explosions and ignitions when working with hazardous material. Another piece of testing equipment is the Tenney Benchmaster Test Chamber. The Benchmaster is a temperature and humidity test chamber that can simulate a wide range of conditions.

Product packaging plays a significant role in consumer perceptions of retailers. Consumers may feel packaging indicates the perceived value of an item and the status its retailer. Receiving a damaged product can reduce consumer satisfaction. AMERIPEN reports that 58 percent of Americans say receiving a damaged product would affect their relationship with the retailer.

Testing in the packaging industry helps products arrive at their destination intact and free from damage. Testing can also help manufacturers and retailers improve their bottom line and instill confidence from customers.

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