Environmental Test Chamber Applications

Tenney's environmental chambers are available with both dry air purge and condensing humidity applications. These chambers are designed and manufactured by our team of experts to ensure we meet our customers' unique and quality standards. Both these applications aim at targeting and preventing humidity conditions that cause damage to the performance of electronics, coatings, and other materials. 


Condensing Humidity Testing

Humidity testing is one of the most effective ways of reducing the risk of product failure due to moisture damage. The process involves stimulating the humidity conditions that a particular product will be exposed to during its lifetime. This test can either be condensing or non-condensing.

Dry Air Purge

Dry air purge systems are used in environmental test chambers to reduce the humidity index of the chamber interior at an expedited rate creating a dry atmosphere. Dry air purge systems are commonly used on temperature and humidity test chambers, but temperature-only chambers can also benefit from the systems because they control any residual moisture generated by temperature changes within the chamber.