Tenney Ships Walk-In Temperature Humidity Cycling Room to Hardware Manufacturer

Posted: May 14, 2018

Tenney Environmental announced the shipment of a two-zone walk-in temperature humidity cycling room. This environmental walk-in room will be used to replicate negative pressure housing conditions to test door locks during the design phase.

The walk-in humidity cycling room has a heat rating of 6kW and utilizes horizontal air circulation. The interior is constructed with type 304 stainless steel and the cycling chamber consists of two rooms, a hot room and a cold room. The rooms are separated by an interior fixed wall with a sealed opening between the rooms. The interior wall has a standard door frame that the customer can put their test locksets in.

One side of the environmental walk-in room, the “outside” controls full range temperature and RH.  The other side if the room is temperature only and designed to pull a vacuum that can be controlled at different pressures up to 5” of water column. This will pull the outside hot wet air through the cold lockset into the cold room.

“Our customer was experiencing part failure with their door lock sets in southern climates due to cold dry house interior and hot wet outside conditions. To solve that problem, our engineers designed a custom two zone walk-in temperature humidity room that simulates the environment our customer’s products are exposed to. This will help their engineers during the design process to ensure the end product provides optimal performance.” – Rick Powell, Regional Sales Manager

Unique features of this Tenney temperature humidity walk-in room include:

  • Two separate rooms create two-zones

  • 304 stainless steel interior

  • Maximum floor loading is 600 PSF

  • Programmable controller

  • Heated windows

  • Structural reinforcement at all critical points

  • Continuously welded through wall ports