Tenney Environmental Ships Two Custom Walk-In Chambers to the Defense Industry

Posted: Aug 15, 2023

Tenney Environmental, a division of Thermal Product Solutions, announced the shipment of two (2) Tenney Environmental Walk-In Chambers to the defense industry. The chambers will be used for temperature and humidity testing large parts in a variety of shapes and sizes and they are designed for outdoor installation.

The walk-in chambers are designed to maintain a relative humidity steady state condition of 95% at 160°F with a temperature control tolerance of +/- 2°F. They have the capacity to process 5,000 lbs of parts per load and an operating temperature range of -85°F to 200°F.

These units have interior dimensions of 8’6” W x 24’ D x 8’ H and the chamber construction is intrinsically safe to eliminate all sources of ignition from inside the chamber. This type of construction is spark resistant, it includes intrinsic safety barriers that isolate all wiring that enters the work chambers and utilizes surface temperature limited heaters to eliminate hot surfaces that could ignite flammable materials. Explosion proof lighting fixtures were also provided inside the chamber.

The chambers utilize a 15HP air cooled mechanical refrigeration system that will operate continuously when cooling is needed to 0°F. Once the chamber temperature reaches 0°F a cryogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) cooling system will take over the cooling operation to provide an extreme low temperature and a more rapid pull-down. The CO2 system features a modulating valve that is used to control the flow of CO2 to the nozzles in the conditioning plenum.

“These walk-in chambers were designed with a cryogenic carbon dioxide cooling system that allows the chamber to reach an extremely low temperature through direct injection into the chamber’s conditioning plenum. At Tenney we work closely with our customers to custom design chambers to meet the most demanding test condition specifications.”

– Steve Thompson, Tenney Applications Engineering Manager

The custom walk-in chambers include many unique features including:

  • Cryogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) cooling system
  • 15HP air cooled mechanical refrigeration system
  • Explosion proof lighting
  • Designed for outdoor installation
  • Intrinsically safe interior design
  • Intrinsic safety barriers to isolate wiring that enters the chamber
  • Spark resistant air circulation equipment