Tenney Environmental Ships Thermal Shock Chamber

Posted: Jan 19, 2018

Tenney Environmental announced the shipment of a Reach-In Thermal Shock Chamber to a research center for laboratory and technical R&D. The thermal shock chamber was purchased to run a variety of MIL-STD tests on various parts.

The maximum temperature rating of the test chamber is 200°C with an operating temperature range of -73°C to 200°C in the bottom chamber and 65°C to 200°C in the top chamber. The work chamber dimensions of the chamber are 15” W X 15” D X 15” H, other sizes are available as well. The chamber features a 2-zone vertical air circulation and a control tolerance of +/-1°C. The interior is continuously welded vapor tight type-304 2B stainless steel and structural reinforcement is used at all critical points. A combination of fiberglass and polyurethane insulation surrounds the chamber to maximize insulating characteristics, thus ensuring minimal thermal transfer.

The mechanical refrigeration of this thermal shock chamber is a cascade type utilizing two 7.5 horsepower, semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors. The refrigerants used are R507 and R23 with a water-cooled condenser system, also available in a remote air cooled condenser configuration. Special circuiting is provided to minimize pressure drop and maintain proper internal tube velocity for maximum heat transfer efficiency.

“The Tenney Thermal Shock chamber features an efficient refrigeration system that provides the thermal capability to meet temperature stabilization times for precise specifications. The air temperature recovery time is less than 10 minutes and can process 15 lbs of product per load which allows customers to maximize the amount of loads they can test per day.” Rick Powell, Regional Sales Manager

Unique features of this reach-in thermal shock chamber include:

  • VersaTenn V touch screen control system that provides total programming and data retrieval capabilities
  • Carriage capacity up to 25-Lbs max. for non MIL-STD related testing
  • 304 2B stainless steel interior
  • Cold chamber door with automatic defrost to protect the door gasket
  • Cascade type mechanical refrigeration system
  • Tenney’s exclusive state of the art control logic circuits
  • RS-232 serial and Ethernet communications included as standard

About Tenney Environmental

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