Tenney Environmental Ships Space Simulation System to a Logistics Company

Posted: Jun 15, 2017

Tenney Environmental, a global manufacturer of environmental testing equipment, announced the shipment of a Vacuum / Temperature Space Simulation system to a logistics company. The outer structural shell of the environmental simulator is designed to resist one atmosphere of external pressure while under vacuum.

The vessel has a 42” diameter and is 36.5” long. The temperature range of this space simulator is ­60°C to +155° C. The temperature uniformity is ±5°C. A fluid conditioning system is employed to temperature condition the chamber using an electric immersion heater and an LN2 Fluid Cooling System to heat and cool a circulating heat transfer fluid.

The system is designed for vacuum performance of 1.0 x 10-6 Torr within two (2) hours based on a clean, dry, empty and outgassed system with the ultimate performance being 1.0 x 10-7 Torr. This chamber features a two-stage vacuum system, which employs a dry vacuum roughing pump in the first stage and a turbomolecular pump in the second stage.  

“At Thermal Product Solutions, we want to provide the most advanced technologies for our customers. For this project, we used a stainless-steel vacuum vessel and temperature conditioned internal shroud to simulate outer space conditions.”- Rick Powell, Vacuum Products Manager

Unique features of this Tenney environmental space simulator include:

  • VersaTenn Temperature Control System with data acquisition

  • Conditioned Thermal Base Plate on extension slides for ease of product access

  • Vacuum pumping system with a dry roughing pump an turbo molecular pump

  • Granville Phillips 300 Series controller to monitor chamber pressure

  • Six 6” access ports

  • LN 2 cooling system

  • Built in limit alarms