Tenney Environmental Ships Refurbished Space Simulator to the Aerospace Industry

Posted: May 16, 2019

Tenney Environmental, a division of Thermal Product Solutions, announced the shipment of a refurbished space simulator to the aerospace industry. The space simulator is a fairly standard piece of equipment for Tenney, but each simulator can be customized to meet the customer’s unique process needs.

The refurbished Tenney space simulation chamber utilizes a cascade cooling system and has a temperature range of -60°C to +90°C. It is constructed with a thermal shroud and thermal platen which will perform the thermal conditioning function. This vacuum chamber has an extremely low maintenance oil sealed style roughing pump and a helium cryopump high vacuum system.

Tenney provided an in-stock fluid chiller solution system with this refurbished space simulator in order to get it up and running as fast as possible, per the customer's request. Along with this fluid chiller solution, Tenney is also designing and building a custom larger chiller and refrigeration system that will be supplied at a later date to provide the customer with faster transition rates.

“This customer came to me asking for an extremely fast turnaround on a new system. The request was impossible for a new unit from any manufacturer, so I informed them of this used space simulator that we could refurbish and add a fluid conditioning system to provide a fast, inexpensive, very reliable system.” – Rick Powell, Vacuum Products Manager

Unique features of this refurbished space simulation chamber include:

  • Therma platen supports 10lbs. mass load
  • 5.0 x 10-6 Torr vacuum range
  • -60°C to +90°C temperature range
  • Two (2) 1.0 horsepower hermetic reciprocating type compressors
  • Low maintenance roughing pump
  • Cryopump high vacuum pump