Tenney Environmental Ships Reach-In Vacuum Chamber to Agriculture Industry

Posted: Jun 13, 2018

Tenney Environmental, announced the shipment of a custom environmental reach-in temperature/humidity/vacuum cycling chamber. The thermal cycling chamber will be used for testing food grade material which required that it be designed with a mild wipe down exterior.

This 36 cubic foot thermal/humidity/altitude cycling chamber has an operating temperature range of -73°C to 177°C and is constructed with a type 316 stainless steel interior. The vacuum system is designed to transition from site pressure to 100,000 feet of altitude at an average rate of 1000m/minute or faster.

This reach-in vacuum chamber is designed with a cascade refrigeration system that utilizes two (2) 5 HP compressors. Structural reinforcement is used at all critical points and through wall ports are continuously welded. Rapid responding Nichrome wire heating elements are provided as the main air heaters.

“This Tenney vacuum chamber was designed with a sealed plexiglass door over the controller face and additional sealed areas that are easy to wipe down. Due to their application the chamber will not be washed down with a hose to clean it, just wiped down with cloth and water.” – Rick Powell, Vacuum Products Manager

Unique features of this Tenney vacuum chamber include:

  • 15”x15” vacuum rated heated insulated viewing window

  • Programmable controller with touchscreen

  • Continuously welded 316 stainless steel interior

  • Two (2) 5.0 horsepower reciprocating type compressors

  • Cascade type refrigeration system

  • Nichrome wire heating elements