Tenney Environmental Ships Reach-In Thermal Shock Chamber to Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

Posted: Oct 19, 2018

Tenney Environmental announced the shipment of another thermal shock chamber for the automotive industry. This chamber allows for many variations of thermal shock testing. The chamber will be used by a tier one auto supplier for thermal shock testing of automotive components.

This Tenney thermal shock chamber utilizes a 2- zone vertical configuration and horizontal airflow. The transfer basket has dimensions of 25” W x 23” D x 25”.  The cold chamber operating temperature range is -73°C to +40°C. The hot chamber operating range is +40°C and +200°C.

The automotive thermal shock chamber utilizes a cascade type refrigeration system with a water-cooled condenser. The chamber interior is constructed with a welded, vapor tight type-304 2B stainless steel liner.

“This Tenney thermal shock chamber includes an automated carriage transport that is designed to assure a tight seal and minimal frosting. During product testing, a vapor tight environment is critical to the process.”  – John Eldred, Regional Sales Manager

Unique features of this Tenney thermal shock chamber include:

  • 15 HP cascade refrigeration system (water cooled)

  • Synergy Quattro programmable temperature controller

  • Over/under temperature protection system

  • Automated carriage transport system

  • Dry air purge system

  • Reinforced stainless steel shelf