Tenney Environmental Ships C-EVO Temperature and Humidity Cycling Test Chamber to a Manufacturing Company

Posted: Jan 28, 2021

Tenney Environmental, a division of Thermal Product Solutions, announced the shipment of a Tenney Environmental C-EVO Temperature and Humidity Cycling Test Chamber.

Our C-EVO series of environmental reach-in chambers are capable of holding at and cycling through a range of temperature and humidity conditions. Standard capabilities of this product line include temperature conditions of -68°C to 180°C and humidity conditions of 20%RH to 95%RH within the temperature range of 20°C to 85°C limited by a 5°C dew point. Additional equipment can be added to upon request to extend these standard ranges as needed.

Tenney’s C-EVO series of test chambers come in various standard workspace sizes ranging from 10 to 64 cubic feet. This customer came to us with a need to test flooring product with a length that exceeds any standard workspace size available in the market. We worked with this customer to develop a custom-size test chamber to house their product under test. This custom chamber features a nominal workspace volume of 128 cubic feet and is capable of housing product more than 8 feet long. We more than doubled the size of a standard unit to allow this customer to fit their product inside the workspace.

“Here at Tenney we take every customer-request very seriously. We strive to provide solutions to our customers’ needs, no matter how unique they might be. This customer needed a workspace size that exceeded any standard model, so we designed and built a chamber specific to their needs.” - Stephen Thompson, Applications Engineer

Unique features of this C-EVO model include:

  • Reciprocating type compressors
  • Dry expansion evaporator with copper tubes expanded into collared aluminum fins
  • Rapid-responding Nichrome wire heating elements
  • Programmable Smart 1 touchscreen controller with datalogging, USB port, and network communications
  • TempGuard V Over/Under Temperature Protection System
  • Non-explosive, non-toxic refrigerant
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty