Tenney Announces Enhancements to its Environmental Walk In Room Series

Posted: Jan 26, 2015

Now available in 11 room sizes, more horsepower choices, and with a 7” Smart 1.0 Controller standard

Tenney’s line of Environmental Walk In Rooms now provides even more flexibility. Originally available in 4 sizes, there are now 11 from which to choose, offering from 316 to 1,583 cubic feet of work space and six horsepower configurations, from 5 hp to 30 hp.

A Smart 1.0 Windows-based programmable logic controller is now standard on every Tenney Environmental Walk in Room. Scalable, extensible, and customizable, Smart 1.0 provides the best of both worlds – the cost effectiveness of a PLC and the flexibility of Windows. It has a real-time function screen and communicates in real time, providing remote access via smart phone, tablet, etc., using an Internet connection and VNC application. 

Smart 1.0 offers smart, touch-screen navigation; smart data logging and trending; smart and intuitive alarms; and smart and easy programming. It has a WVGA 800 x 400 high-resolution, graphical touch screen; graphical user interface; 32-bit RISC 400 MHz central-processing unit; and 4GB (SD card) flash storage, capable of storing 100 profiles with 100 steps each. Built-in TCP/IP networking via a standard, Ethernet 10/100 communications port allows for easy transfer of alarm, program, and datalog files. 
Capable of running in single set point or programmed modes, Smart 1.0 enables test-data retrieval and profile-data transfer/sharing through a local FTP server via Ethernet connection. Individual PID control loops allow for precise process control, with ramp/soak programming for each loop. The Smart 1.0 Controller uses a 100-ohm, platinum RTD for temperature measurement and a dry-capacitance-type sensor for humidity measurement. It offers two process inputs and six event outputs for special applications.

The controller’s Smartwire architecture involves less wiring than other controllers, reducing the opportunity for errors and making troubleshooting and replacement easier.  

The Tenney Environmental Walk In Room series offers single-stage refrigeration from -35 ⁰C to +85 ⁰C and cascade refrigeration from -73 ⁰C to +85 ⁰C. It also has a relative humidity range of 20 % to 95 %.

For more details about the Tenney Environmental Walk In Room series, please click here.