Safely Testing Batteries in Environmental Testing Chambers, Rooms and Industrial Ovens

Posted: Aug 05, 2014

A Comprehensive Suite of Battery Testing Solutions

Whether your company serves the automotive, computer, telecommunications, defense, or alternative-energy industries, you need a safe, reliable way to test batteries. The SafeTest™ system offers a comprehensive line of standard and optional test-chamber safety solutions that can be customized to fit your company’s battery-testing needs.

We even provide the tools to help you determine which safety features would work best for your company, based on your assessment of the maximum expected EUCAR Hazard Level associated with your testing of batteries and the likelihood of occurrence for each potential event.

Our NFPA 86 Compliant Class “A” Safety Ventilation System combines several of our SafeTest™ Battery Testing Solutions including:

  • NFPA 86 forced ventilation system to dilute flammable gases or vapors and prevent them from reaching an ignitable concentration.

  • AMCA 99-0401 compliant, spark-resistant construction to prevent physical contact between any two ferrous materials.

  • Intrinsic safety barriers to ensure that electrical energy and total energy are held within safe limits, eliminating the possibility of an explosion due to sparking or excessive heat.

  • Timed-purge system to dilute any flammable gases or vapors that may be present in the chamber to a concentration that is below the lower flammability limit.

  • Explosion venting with a pressure-relief, vent panel to mitigate the risk of permanent damage to the chamber due to a sudden increase in pressure.

  • Emergency stop switch to allow operators to respond more quickly to any abnormal conditions that may arise during testing.

For more details about our SafeTest™ Battery Testing Solutions available for our environmental testing chambers/rooms and industrial ovens, please click here.