About Tenney Environmental

Located out of New Columbia, PA, Tenney and Lunaire boast one of the most comprehensive lines of standard and custom environmental-testing chambers and rooms in the industry. This was not always the case, however. Tenney was founded by Dwight Tenney, who got his start by perfecting a line of bakery equipment. 

When Dwight Tenney's bakery equipment successes traveled and reached the U.S. government during WWII, everything changed. Test chambers, like bakery equipment, required specific temperature uniformity, humidity, and pressure levels. The only real difference between the equipment would be that the test chambers would be used to test virtually anything, instead of bread.

Demand for this new product began to rise after WWII. Companies such as IBM, GE, RCA, Xerox, and many more began to use Tenney's test chambers. It was then that Tenney began to dip into the aerospace industry, to meet the demanding requirements of testing the environments of space.

Nearly 50 years after the war, Tenney joined forces with two other companies: Lunaire and Gruenberg. Lunaire Environmental manufactured stability and steady state chambers, while Gruenberg manufactured industrial ovens, pharmaceutical sterilizers, and dryers. Both Lunaire and Gruenberg complemented Tenney's existing product offerings, creating a well-rounded, innovative line of products.

Tenney has been a leader of the testing chamber industry, and through its commitment to excellence, the company continues to march forward by continually developing stronger, more robust and more effective testing chambers. Tenney’s line of test chambers promises to meet all temperature, humidity, altitude, and vacuum-testing requirements in this generation and into the next.